6 thoughts on “Rachel M. Short”

  1. Terri Orr Hilgeman

    Her ever constant smile…and always available friendship…..brightened an ever dark and dreary world….She was a powerful and positive influence…on everyone around her…..Prayers for all who knew and loved this precious gift…xoxoxo ❤

  2. Michelle Murray

    Prayers for her family . She was an amazing person . My heart breaks hearing this news. I have prayed for her many times. Hugs

  3. Stephanie Odom

    Prayers and love sent to her family and friends. She was a brave warrior fighting a long battle against a insurmountable force that has taken her life way too soon. Please be with this family Lord, hold them near your heart whilst they mourn, help nurture and support them during this most difficult time with your grace and love. Thank you Lord for the blessing of being able to look to you in our time of grief and knowing you are always with us. Amen
    Bless all of her family and friends. I am truly sorrowed to hear of this beautiful young mother’s passing. Also, hugs to her beautiful mother Sharon. I cannot even put into words how sorry I am for her loss.

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