2 thoughts on “Peter D. “Pete” Kavalos”

  1. Shirley Nabers

    Aw, Pete! RIP my friend! You were a great boss & friend to everyone you met! Prayers for peace & comfort for his family!

  2. PK, I always thought wj hi o
    e would be special friends forever and ever!! So sad that you left this life without us settling our differences!!!😥 If you can see and here this I want to apologize for all the wrongs did to you and tell you I’ll always love you in a special place in my heart. Egads the memories we made – BAHS, the Teen Club, the picnics, the special dances, double dates with Pete and Joannie, the football games, your graduation and the tears I shed when you went srateside, our dates on the Riverwalk, and the big blow up about Herb, the Buc Reunions in DC and Las Vegas, then after my divorce the lonliest 12 years of my life during which I called too much, just know that I was just desperate to reach out to the past where I had happy times, I wanted a do over with all the friends that I lost because of the moving around, my depression, my unhappy marriage and my inability to be by myself! I am so sorry that I lost your love and friendship. I reached out to your daughters in another place on this – hope that was ok? …RIP MY DEAR FRIEND,you will always have a place in my heart, Lyn GO BUCS!!

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