6 thoughts on “Billy “Bill” Gilbert Harmon”

  1. Girls,
    Judy and I are gone so unfortunately will miss your Dad’s service. As you both know, I have known Bill my entire life. A great guy and accomplished businessman. A definite pillar of our community. He will be missed. Please keep in contact.


    Jimmy Gaines

  2. What a heck of a guy. I had the pleasure of working for Bill in the early 80’s. Bill was the most forward thinking individual I’ve ever been around. If you think you knew the answer, just wait–Bill would come up with 7 more answers, and usually more questions. It was a great way to start my business career, and for that, I’ll always be thankful. In 1994, we moved back to Carmi, in Bill’s neighborhood no less. Many evenings on his walk, he’d stop by and we solve the world’s problems—I sure enjoyed those visits. Rest well Mr. Bill—see you on the other side.

  3. Felipe A. La Rotta

    I first met Bill when he started promoting Elastec and came to Houston to show their new invention. Bill was a pleasant gentleman, always with a smile in his face, always offering his help. After becoming an Elastec’s dealer me and my wife met Bill several times and enjoyed visiting with him. Going to Carmi, I always tried to see Bill and he made the time to chat. Rest in peace dear friend!

  4. Girls,
    I have known your Dad and your Grandmother for years. They were wonderful people. You have my sympathy. He will be missed in the community. His business knowledge was excellent. We will be unable to attend the service as we have moved to Evansville. Will be thinking of you.
    Sandra and Bill Mears.

  5. Linda and Debbie,
    Michael and I are saddened to learn of your Father’s death; our thoughts and prayers are with you at this most difficult time.
    I didn’t realize your Father was awarded a Purple Heart nor that his actual name was Billy! I do know what a caring man he was; I remember well his ministration and protectiveness while your Mother was ill as well as his wonderful Father – Daughter laughter-filled relationships with the two of you. And I treasure the copies of the movies he’d shot that he gave me of you two and me taken while he and my Father were piloting us around the Midwest.
    Another of the Greatest Generation has left us and we are the poorer for it.
    We are sorry that we cannot join you for his services.

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